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The true masters of the art of living are already happy if they are not unhappy.

Jean Anouilh

Free Software

I co-founded Apache Mahout, a project focussing on scalable machine learning. I am member of the Apache software foundation, am contributing to the foundation as mentor of incubating projects, committer at the Apache community development project.

In addition to my involvement at Apache I am activly supporting the Free Software Foundation Europe both as fellow as well as booth member.


I do like meeting with other free software developers. The simplest way to do that without travelling too much is to invite great developers into town. I initiated the Apache Hadoop Get Together Berlin - note that the name is slightly mis-leading and might change as since its inception Apache Lucene, UIMA, CouchDB, HBase and friends. Together with Simon Willnauer, Jan Lehnardt and newthinking I co-founded the Berlin Buzzwords conference on all things scalable.

Where else to find me

More information

Find out more about me, the talks and articles I have given and written in the past. Detailed background can be found in the CV. There are a few old-ish university projects and school projects still online.


Thilo is my husband - and the reason why I am not only a Java girl but have a tiny little hunch of systems engineering and Linux kernel development.

Contacting me

You can reach me at - plaintext is preferred, feel free to encrypt your communication with my public key (PGP: 0x0C0885B4).

Luck is not about doing what you want but about wanting what you do.

L. Tolstoi